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Noal Z. Fox-Stern, M.A. (ISP) & CHT

360 441-4444

Presently offering: Who-Me Healing Hypnotherapy Sessions… for Actively Facilitated Transformations in Consciousness

Also Available: Who-Me PSI-CT Empowerment Classes—Self-Hypnotic Sourcery lessons for: Youths, Teens, Families, and Adults…

Soon to be offering: Source-Psychology Seminars… Continuing Education Workshops for Professional Helpers and Healers


Noal Fox-Stern holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Antioch University Seattle’s Independent-Studies-in-Psychology program, and an NGH approved Hypnotherapist’s Certification from Bellingham Technical College in Washington State. Noal is an experienced, and uniquely qualified, Coping Skills Resiliency-Training Group Leader. Noal is also a lifelong student of eclectic Western and World mythological and anthropological literature regarding varieties of spiritual and ritualistic healing methods and systems.

Noal IMG_3861 - CopyAs a healing-arts practitioner, Noal operates from a unique and powerful premise which he terms The Source-Psychology Perspective, through which he frames Psychotherapy as a contemporary and practical form of Shamanic Healing-Magick, and through which he chooses to focus on what he calls Source patterns and processes, which underlie presenting-problems, as primary therapeutic points of focus. Noal’s working theory, The Magick of Mind Model or MMM, integrates constructs that are relevant within the field of psychotherapy to indicate a Shamanic-style cyclical healing process; which Noal calls PSI-CT, or The Psych-le of Source Integration and Consciousness Transformation. Noal teaches hypnotherapeutic clients and educational workshop-participants to navigate deeply transformative healing changes in consciousness by way of a universally simplistic, elemental, and sensory based tool which he calls The Who-Me Compass.