Noal FullSizeRender-2 - CopyA Who-Me Healing Hypnotherapy Session with Noal may last for as long as each client wishes; within a range of 1 – 12 hours. Each session involves guided exploration and application of Noal’s PSI-CT process in regards to each client’s immediately presenting issue. Both brief and extended interludes of light-to-medium hypnotic trance are induced through discussions of each client’s presenting issue(s); which correlate Cognitive, Emotional, Physical, and Behavioral reflective observations. Careful guidance is offered through each emergent emotional upheaval, Abreaction, or storm. Developmental Anchoring issues that contribute to presenting problems are then explored, reframed, abjured, and integrated through dramatically facilitated realignment of personally significant Archetypal agendas that emerge during conscious reflections and trance experiences. Emergent Healing Transformations in Consciousness are then reflectively and cooperatively observed.

Some presenting problems for which Who-Me Healing Hypnotherapy might be helpful include but are not limited to:

  • Mental or Cognition focused issues, such as: addressing and managing varieties of mental-health diagnoses, and improving memory, planning, and academic skills.
  • Interpersonal and Emotional issues, such as: anxiety management, healing in relationships, and improving patience, motivation, empathy, and communication skills.
  • Physical issues, such as: chronic or persistent pain, some asthmatic symptoms and allergies, digestive or other metabolic issues, and improving the speed and quality of varieties of physical healing processes.
  • Behavioral and habitual issues, such as: management of habits and addictions, and improving decision making skills and goal achievement.

Who-Me Healing Hypnotherapy Sessions are currently valued at a Suggested Donation Rate of $100 hourly.

  • 1-hour Pre-Induction Interview — (included with first session)
  • For longer sessions: 40% Reduction Rate after every 4 hours…
    • ex: 4 hours for $400, 8 hours for $640, and 12 hours for $800
  • Some trade-agreements are negotiable

Also available (for groups of 5 or more persons):
– Source-Psychology Lecture-Presentations (1 – 2 hours): $15 per person
– Who-Me Healing Interactive-Demonstrations (2-4 hours): $35 per person
– Who-Me PSI-CT Empowerment Classes—Self-Hypnotic Sourcery lessons for Youths, Teens, Families, and Adults (4 – 6 hours weekly for 3 weeks):
o Youths—$150, Teens—$225, Adults—$300, & Families—$100 per person
(Suggested donation rates, for lectures, classes, and demonstrations, may vary according to forum)