“Noal’s techniques are a groundbreaking synthesis of the ancient and modern utilizing important resources that most contemporary therapists prefer to sweep under the rug. The efficiency of his results are almost eerie.”
-Joel; Student; Seattle, WA.

Noal Fox-Stern has an approach of zoning into the exact
root of the problems I was having; in patterns of thinking and being
that made it hard for me to move forward and accomplish the things I
most wanted out of life.  He helped me with opening up the "true me"
that was locked away and afraid to come out due to a lifetime of
judgement all around me, and helping me know where my own power lies!
He did this in a kind,nurturing way that everyone should have the
right to experience.  If someone is suffering the way I have been most
of life, paralyzed by fear and self-doubt, I would recommend Noal as a
true healer!

Amanda Frye - Landscaper/Gardener - Portland, OR