The Magick of Mind Model

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The Magick of Mind Model is a Source-Psychology-Perspective based psychotherapeutic theory; which integrates constructs that have been described by: Charles Tebbetts, Carl Jung, and Ken Wilbur.

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According to the MMM, Multisensory (including: visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, & palatal) observance of emotional and developmental Tebbetts-Anchoring Patterns, (Hunter, 2000b) can reveal Shadow-Emergent Archetypes (Jung, 1959). Next, actively, or Willfully, Imaginative, and Multisensory (including: visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, & palatal) Interplay among Shadow-Emergent Archetypes (Chodorow, 1997) can lead to or trigger healing Changes in Consciousness and inspire increasingly-Transpersonal Developmental movement (Forman, 2010). Finally, multisensory (including: visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, & palatal) observance of increasingly Transpersonal Developmental Movement (Wilbur, 2000) can, in turn, reveal deeper emotional and developmental Anchoring Patterns (Hunter, 2000b).

* The Magick of Mind Model was inspired: by C. G. Jung’s theory and technique of Active Imagination (Chodorow 1997), by the Charles Tebbetts Client-Centered-Hypnotherapy Parts-Therapy technique (Hunter, 2000b), by theories of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming or NLP (Bandler, & Grinder, 1979), by Wilber’s expansion (Wilber, 2007) of Piaget’s developmental concepts (Sigelman, 2008) which have been simplified by Forman Fox(Forman, 2010), by Dion Fortune’s transpersonally psychotherapeutic description of Magick as being both a science and art of facilitating changes in consciousness to occur in accordance with Will (Kraig, 2003), and by my late father G. Kenneth Fox PhD, through his the noble career as a living and contemporary psycho-shamanic healer.


The Magick of Mind Model’s Integrated Theories and Theorists
Charles Tebbetts
(Representing Client-Centered
Hypnotherapy Perspectives)
Parts Therapy, Multisensory Focus, Anchoring, & Abreactions

Carl Jung
(Representing Jungian Perspectives)
Universal Subconscious Archetypes & Active Imagination Processes


Ken Wilbur
(Representing Transpersonal Perspectives)
Multifaceted Quadrant-Perspectives and Lifelong Development toward
Transpersonal Levels of Consciousness