Misconceptions & Facts

Popular Misconceptions v.s. Facts about Hypnosis:


Popular Misconception: “Some people can’t be hypnotized.”

(Fact: Everyone can be hypnotized because all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. If a person wishes to be hypnotized then an appropriate and affective approach can be found.)


Popular Misconception: “Hypnosis is some kind of occult magic(k) or is in some way against ‘my’ religion.”

(Fact: Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon that happens frequently every day within the mind of each and every living human being. Hypnosis can be and has been used to enhance every single religious, spiritual, or mystical practice that has existed throughout human history; including shamanic and magickal healing. Hypnosis can be described within but exists independently from any and every human belief system.)


Popular Misconception: “The Hypnotist has some kind of power over my mind and might cause me to reveal something personal or to behave in an embarrassing way.”

(Fact: The phenomenon of hypnosis exists only within the mind of the person being hypnotized. The hypnotist has absolutely no power over your mind. No matter how effective your hypnotist’s approach seems, you are creating your own hypnotic trance all by yourself and you always maintain the power to choose what changes in consciousness you make, what behaviors you enact, and what information you reveal.


Popular Misconception: “Hypnosis is a cheap carnival trick that is rehearsed and performed by actors, and anyone who believes that he or she has been legitimately hypnotized has actually been deceived.”

(Fact: Hypnosis can easily be faked by actors. Because of this unfortunate truth, many people find it easy to maintain attitudes of general skepticism about Hypnosis. When in fact, Hypnosis is indeed a real and natural phenomenon that can me learned, practiced, and applied just like any art or craft. Hypnosis can also help to facilitate a wide variety of personal changes in any given human being’s life.)


Popular Misconception: “Hypnosis only works because of the Placebo affect… or, Hypnosis only works for a person who believes that it works.”

(Fact: This is true! The phenomena of hypnosis might be easily described as an illustration of what a powerful and controllable healing force the Placebo affect can actually be. Your mind is indeed powerful enough to make hypnosis work for you or to block out the affects of hypnosis entirely. How well Hypnosis works for you is a matter of how you choose to apply your own imagination.)