Stage Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Stage Hypnosis vs. Hypnotherapy:

Stage performers and Hollywood movies often portray Hypnosis as some mysterious power of control over a person’s mind. A stage Hypnotist might dangle a fancy looking pocket watch in front of a volunteer’s eyes, and the volunteer might in turn begin behaving in odd or comical ways to amuse the audience. A Hollywood science-fiction movie might show a “Hypnotist” as a reclusive and dusty old professor who can somehow use his magic swinging pocket-watch to cause people to reveal their deepest and darkest secrets.
As has been stated above, you are in total control of your own mind and your own behaviors while you are under Hypnosis. When you are Hypnotized, no one can make you do anything. You only do what you want to do. You only change as you Will to change. Hypnosis does not change your ability to make your own decisions in any way. Hypnosis can sometimes make what you want to do easier.
In real life, there are fundamental differences between a Stage Hypnotist and a Hypnotherapist. A Stage Hypnotist is working to please an audience whereas n Hypnotherapist is working to help a single client learn to heal within a private setting.
When you need healing, a stage hypnotist might impress you with an exciting performance, and the healing might be effective so long as you remain jazzed-up about the show. Who-Me Healing Hypnotherapy can help you get right to the Source of the matter so that you can realize your healing on a personal level and natural and authentic changes that can affect your whole life.

– Stage Hypnosis Secrets: A stage Hypnotist will usually exercise subtle interactive techniques an audience in order to determine which audience members might make the best volunteer, i.e. cooperate best with the Hypnotic performance. For example, the person in the crowd who cheers the loudest or who shouts out the most comments is very likely a natural performer and will take any excuse to make a pubic spectacle of themselves. If a stage Hypnotist can manage to choose such a volunteer, then it will not matter if the volunteer actually becomes Hypnotized, he or she will still most likely follow every suggestion that the Hypnotist offers simply for the excitement of being a part of the show. Naturally, a stage Hypnotist must be exceedingly careful not to choose a cynical volunteer who seeks to sabotage the show. In other words, the art of the stage Hypnotist has as much to do with drawing out impromptu performances as with affecting positive change in people’s lives.
The above statements are not meant to discount the authenticity or skill of any Stage Hypnotist. There are in fact many talented Hypnotists who prefer to make their livings performing Stage Hypnosis, and are also able to help a great many people with a great many positive self-changes.
The late Charles Tebbits (upon who’s methodologies my Hypnotherapy is based training) in fact began his renowned career by performing as a Stage Hypnotist. As has been mentioned earlier, authentic Hypnotic trance induction takes place within in each of us several times per day; and in all kinds of different daily life situations. Authentic trance induction certainly can and does actually take place on stage. It is in fact common for healing and positive self-change to prove either the deliberate or the inadvertent result of Stage Hypnosis.
Many competent Stage Hypnotists may likely agree that a Hypnotherapist’s criteria of catering to each client’s individual mode of mental/emotional processing and following through with each client’s healing process, often provides for a safer, more thorough, and more complete therapeutic experience than does simply participating in a Stage Hypnotist’s show.

– Healing Advantages of Hypnotherapy: A Hypnotherapist generally has no audience to impress. A Hypnotherapist cannot simply choose a client who might perform best. A quality Hypnotherapist will work with any client regardless of the client’s communication patterns or public demeanor. Whether you are a natural ham or a natural recluse, a Hypnotherapist will work privately with you to find a way to facilitate the healing changes that you want to make in your own life. A Hypnotherapist will adjust his or her technique to suit your own individual needs. A Hypnotherapist works with you in a confidential therapeutic setting to help you make the personal changes that you request and no other changes.